In recent years, software has become the most expensive component of computer system projects. The bulk of the cost of software development is due to the human effort, and most cost estimation methods focus on this aspect and give estimates in terms of person/months, as one can learn through coupon online. Accurate software cost estimates are critical to both developers and customers who used to buy everything online Kohls promo code. They can be used for generating request for proposals, contract negotiations, scheduling, monitoring and control. Underestimating the costs may result in management approving proposed systems that then exceed their budgets, with underdeveloped functions and poor quality, and failure to complete on time. Overestimating may result in too many resources committed to the project, or, during contract bidding, result in not winning the contract, which can lead to loss of jobs. To help reduce those risks a Large Cost Analysis Group, or LCAG, was introduced to manage this problem.